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1. How do I enter Vcafe?

How do I enter Atlas Office?

To enter Atlas Office you need to create an account. If you do not have an account you can create one by selecting “Sign Up” and fill out the form. If you have an account "Login" with your Email Address, Avatar Name and Password.


Do I need to enter “Avatar Name” each time I login?

If you previously entered Atlas Office, the sistem remembers your E-mail Address and Avatar Name during login. You can keep or change your Avatar Name with each login.


How do I customize my avatar?

After you login, you will meet avatar customization page. You can go through the customization menu by pressing “Change” button next to each item. When you decide click on“Save” to enter Vcafe.


How do I control my avatar?

You can walk your Avatar around Atlas Office freely by using W,A,S,D keys on your keyboard.

Press W to Walk Forwards

Press S to Walk Backwards

Press A to Turn Left

Press D to Turn Right


How do I voice chat with others in Vcafe?

Atlas Office has sound zones. When you move close to another avatar in the same zone, you can hear them and they can hear you. When your move further away from an avatar you can't hear each other. Press "L"  on your keyboard to  see marked sound zones .


I can hear others but they can not hear me.

There might be 3 reasons.

1. Make sure you have clicked on the Atlas Office app window. If your Vcafe window is not active the system does not transmit your voice to others.

2. Check if you are not on “Mute”.

3. Check your computer settings.


I can not hear when people speak.

There might be a couple of reasons.

1. They might be in a private conversation bubble

2. Vcafe has spatial sound system. Their avatar might be too far from you, so you might not hear each other.

3. Check if you turned Volume off.

4. Check your computer settings.


Who can see when I write in text chat?

Text chat is public, so whoever is online at Atlas Office can see your text message.


Can I send private text message?

Yes, but only with your fiends. Click on Search button in Chat, find the name of your friend and write your message. Hint: When your text message is private you will see (Private) next to your message.   


How can I use Emojis?

Click to open the Emoji panel (located on top of the screen) and click on the Emoji of your choosing. It will appear above your Avatar, visible to you and other users in the room.


What are Animojis and how can I use them?

Animojis are another way for you to show reaction in Vcafe using your Avatar. Click to open the Animoji panel (on the right side of screen) and click on the Animoji of your choosing. Your Avatar will animate to show your reaction or mood, visible to you and other users in the room.


How can I add friends?

Just approach the avatar of another user. Click on their avatar and ask to add that user as friend. Now you can see them in your friends list.


How do I have private voice chat with someone?

There are numerous private chat zones, like tables, booths and chairs located in common areas. You can have private voice chat and other users in the common areas won’t be able to hear you. Walk near one of them and select a chair with your mouse and your avatar will sit down.


How can I give a presentation?

Your can present in office rooms. Click on Moderator Button next to the presentation board. Select “Upload New” and choose "pdf" or "video" on moderator  panel (on top of your screen). Paste presentation link and click “Send”. When finished click on the Moderator Button to exit presenter mode.


Why can I not share my presentation link?

The presentation link must not be password protected or encrypted.


How do I enter an office room?

Walk your avatar in front of the door of an office. Select “Yes” on the pop up window. You can also go to an office or other destinations form the Map.

Vcafe_FAQ-17 - Kopya.png

I can not enter an office.

Each office has maximum 8 user capacity. Make sure the office you have selected is available.


How do I enter a game?

Click on the Game button to enter and wait for it to load. When game is over click on “Quit Game” to exit the game.


Can people play the game at the same time?

Yes, an unlimited number of people can access the game simultaneously.


How many times can I play the game?

As many times as you wish. You can also click on “Replay” button when game is over to replay.


Does the game keep our score?

Yes. You can check out the scoreboard for the top players in the upstairs entrance lobby.

2. Do I need to enter “Avatar Name” each time I login?
3. How do I customize my avatar?
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