Custom VR solutions | Compatible with any device (VR . Mobile . PC)

HangOffice is a social virtual reality collaboration, co-working and conference platform, supported by various VR headsets in addition to desktop use. The video showcases the platform and its tools.

Welcome to the new generation of the virtual office. No time zones! No location-based limitations! No language barriers!


HangOffice is here for you to collaborate, innovate and network, with increased engagement. You travel; you work from home, hotel, plane, the beach. So, how do you communicate with your team, your co-workers? E-mail, call, video conference, make calls, e-mail the attachment, video call with five head bubbles on your screen… You accomplish a lot utilizing the tools at your hand but, you are not a two-dimensional being. Quite the opposite, you are multidimensional, with various senses that you use to grasp the world and living things. You use them to engage. Social engagement is quite a substantial part of our lives. That is how we grow as humans and that is how we build and advance our work. And this is where HangOffice steps in.


HangOffice platform is designed mimicking a common type of co-working space. It utilizes 2 emerging notions: Virtual Reality and Experiential Design with spatial computing.

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