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Custom VR solutions | Compatible with any device (PC . VR . Web)

Welcome to the new generation of the virtual collaboration. No time zones! No location-based limitations! No language barriers!


AtlasOffice is an immersive business tech platform for social collaboration, coworking and remote team management; that enhances productivity in collaboration with features of 3D interactions, social engagement and project management.


Our world is expanding through growing experiences yet getting smaller with advancement of technological resources. With that, a huge part of our lives is also changing patterns: how, where and when we work. In the scope of this change novel needs and opportunities have risen. We develop and deploy AtlasOffice as the most convenient, adaptive and cost-effective business tech, virtual collaboration and team management platform with an agile twist, to supply these needs.

AtlasOffice is here for you to collaborate, innovate and network, with increased engagement. By bridging together physical and digital means of team collaboration, management and communication in a 3 dimensional and interactive setting we are;

  • Creating a virtual workplace with a sense of belonging,

  • Providing digital agile management structure,

  • Bringing tools to enhanced productivity through individual and team motivation,

  • Saving costs for team management and collaboration,

  • Saving from travel and time management expenses,

  • Enhancing team spirit

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