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Hande Sekerciler recreated her famous bronze sculptures in 3d space, in collaboration with GarageAtlas and ha:ar. This rare virtual exhibition ‘ecstasy’ was provided online as VR, AR and WebGL on J.D.Malat Gallery PARALLEL platform. 


By providing a new and exciting way of viewing sculptures in your home, the this exhibition underlined the art world’s recent shift towards the virtual realm and highlighted the progressive nature of Şekerciler’s practice.

For those who wanted to view and experience Hande’s elegant sculptures from their homes and especially during the peak of pandemic, the exhibition was available online over 3 different platforms: WebVR, WebAR and WebGL.


In ecstasy n.1 (self-portrait) Hande captures the communion of the bodies in a perpetual flux of the souls, creating an indistinguishable breathing organism wrapped in a golden veil.

There is a sense of hope and immortality in Hande’s bronze sculptures. A way for the viewer to reconcile with the eternal conflict of one’s identity. When the body departs from its mortal shell the spirit finds its way to rejoin with the universal cycle of life...


Words by Serena Tabacchi,

Curator and Founder of MoCDA, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art

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