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MARS | a new home

Mars | A New Home
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What is home? A shelter with 4 walls? The place where you were born if not the place you earn your life? Is it the planet that you reside at? Currently the plans to inhabit Mars are being physically carried out by numerous institutions. Now, we call planet Earth our home, so what will Mars be as the colonies then human life start to move there?

You as the main character, experience the scenario through the point of view of an engineer that has landed on the planet with one of the first Mars expeditions. You have daily routine of tasks as well as special duties like maintenance and problem solving. As you complete tasks and duties, the ecosystem will grow and progress. With that new and more challenging jobs will come but at the same time the field that you inhabit will grow to be a neighborhood enabling other players to join you, making it a social VR experience. Your character has but one communication device to reach out their family and loved ones, which is a VR headset. In the Mars: A New Home demo, today’s challenge is to repair your VR device.

How can VR be utilized amidst the research and discovery of Mars? Is it possible to simulate the future in Mars, before humankind actually land there? Can VR be a device of communication between Earth and outer space? With the extent of these queries and a holistic approach of our team, bringing together our expertise on architecture, design and VR technologies, Mars: A New Home VR experience came to be.

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