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SensEmotion | Research on Cognition and Senses
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Affective Computing | Cognition & Empathy

As curious designers and VR experience developers, we decided to initiate our experimental and experiential design research series which bring together; VR experience design, neuroscience and affective computing.


Aim of SenseEmotion is to identify the influence of VR hardware and software on humans within the scope of human emotion and sense. In addition to human's developing communication with the machines.


Can there be a reactive VR experience? How can we enhance the communication with human and smart machines.


SensEmotion experiences will include 6 universes based on 6 basic emotions. We launched the first part: Fear. We record EEG data, video and sound data of participants with consent. The EEG device used in the process is Muse, Brain Sensing Headband. The first SensEmotion universe is


Fear. As we continue to improve the experimental design and experiential process, currently creating our second universe on Happiness, take a look at our visual recordings from our first SensEmotion event.

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