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Custom VR solutions | Oculus Hand Tracking

Serene is a peaceful, minimal and pastoral VR experience that pulls the experiencer from the visually, auditory and emotionally chaotic setting that they are in. Serene’s pastoral world gets its inspiration from acclaimed artworks Vera Chytilová’s film Daisies and Monet’s Lumière that call to nature while using elements of nature literally and metaphorically.

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Serene is a hand tracking only, experience which aims to help users isolates from the tone of the city and complexity of the moment, while they have the option to take control of their own environment in VR. Serene takes place in an animated & interactive environment where the user is only surrounded by nature. The environment gives the instant feeling of solitude in a plain and boundless landscape.

Each user defines their own experience where they have the option to interact with the environment or elements that surround them, in any order or just be the observer. The interactive environment in which the user can roam around is defined by contrasting figures and use of color. 


Each interaction triggers a reaction. The user may interact with the elements of nature that surround them and transform their surroundings and set hidden elements in motion depending on their own decisions.



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