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VR Catalogue V.2 | Interactive Design
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Custom VR solutions | Compatible with any device (VR . Mobile . PC)

VR Catalogue includes 3000 paint colors and textures to be viewed in a virtual home setting.

It is a ready made platform with optional custom features for wall finishing companies and distributors to showcase their products in their retail settings or various occasions.


VR Catalogue provides a virtual home for buyers to view, edit and select wall color and textures including interactive options like changing upholstery, cabinet cladding and lighting to view ranging compatibilies with chosen color or texture. VR Catalogue is available to view in various VR hardware including computer, stand alone and mobile HMDs, web VR and also desktop or mobile view.


VR Catalogue provides the opportunity to wall finish and paint companies for aiding their clients to imagine their future spaces, spatially and more accurately with the help of emerging VR technologies bringin photorealistic quality and bridging virtual and real life.

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